The Greater Denver Council Taps Cantonment for a New and Improved Look for Scouts

It’s no coincidence that the three founders of Cantonment, an accessory brand with significant scout vibes, were in the same troop as kids. This was a foundational time for us in terms of our style, passions, and experiences. So when The Greater Colorado Council of the Boy Scouts of America were introduced to Cantonment’s branding and products, they reached out to us for some help. 

They were in need of a new line of activewear for Colorado scouters, as well as the staff across their multiple camps throughout the state. Their brief was simple—create scouting apparel that kids would be proud to wear to school—something we never dared do when we were young scouts. The result was something they didn’t expect. 

Rather than merely designing some fun and functional gear, we took the assignment to the next level and developed a consumer-facing brand that embodies the mission of the council. This mission extends beyond the registered youth and invites anyone and everyone to come to Colorado and scout it out for themselves. 

Scouting Colorado

There’s action imbued within the new Scouting Colorado brand, which in its most elemental form, cleverly weaves in aspects of the iconic state flag. We also delivered a tagline that embodies the result of scouting within the state: Improve Your Altitude. This line illustrates the heightened state of mind you experience when scouting throughout the Colorado Rockies, rafting its rivers, and camping in its canyons. 

The new brand has been applied to a wide range of high quality outerwear, accessories, headwear, and of course, Kerchiefs that have been specially designed to scout proportions. The most important aspect of this new kit is a branded backpack built by Colorado-based Topo Designs as the ultimate school-friendly canvas for scouts to apply their merit badges, pins, and patches. 

The full line of Cantonment-designed Scouting Colorado apparel and accessories is available exclusively at the Scout Shop at the headquarters of The Greater Colorado Council in Denver or the general stores at their various scout camps throughout the state. 

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of this line. For us it was a unique opportunity to build out a modern take on iconic scouting vibes, hopefully with a glimpse into the inviting and inclusive future of what scouting can become.