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The Pull of Costa Rica's Vines

Some places have a way of creeping into the depths of your soul. I wasn’t necessarily excited when I was asked to go to Costa Rica for two years right out of high school. I can’t say I knew anything about the place, to be honest. But I didn’t think Central America had anything to offer me. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

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Stylized Substance™

Words by Team CantonmentPhotos by Jason Guerrero When we set out to create our flagship product, The Kerchief, and its corresponding brand, Cantonment, we were heavily influenced by the concepts of 'form + function' and 'style + substance'. It's why our logo is a plus sign and our tag line is an even more succinct version of this idea.  The Kerchief is designed to be a useful and stylish tool-cloth for your everyday carry (EDC). We noticed that most bandanas are too big to comfortably fit in a pocket and handkerchiefs are just too small to wear. So we set out to find that Goldilocks size. Made from incredibly soft, yet durable 100% cotton with clean, merrowed edges, it fits compactly in a...

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