Matt Hein, Co-founder + Maker

Not many kids ask for a lathe for Christmas, but not many kids are Matt Hein. Matt is the consummate craftsman. When he's not building amazing products for his clients, he's in his workshop creating magic with leather, wood, canvas, and cotton under his Hein Made handle.  

When he was ready to scratch that entrepreneurial itch, he teamed up with his buds and founded Cantonment. Matt is our get-it-done guy. From big ideas through execution and quality control, he answers all the 'what if' and 'how can we make it' questions. 

Matt lives in the mountains on the outskirts of Salt Lake City, UT with his wife, 4 daughters, and several beehives.

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Kenny Ellsworth, Co-founder + Designer

When you want something to truly standout from the rest with a special attention to detail along with a quirky twist, you call Kenny Ellsworth. Kenny is our lead designer. 

He always aims to find the beauty of an object by revealing a detail the rest of us didn't spot. You can easily see this in his stellar linework studies that draw on his background as an architect. Kenny lives in Atlanta where he runs Studio SOGO, an architecture and design studio with his wife Leslie and their two kids. 

He also hand-builds custom guitars under the Gage Guitars brand for clients both big and small.

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Kyle Snarr, Co-founder + Marketer

Having grown up within striking distance of both NYC and The Appalachian Trail, Kyle Snarr counted himself as a camper and hiker. When not in the woods, he also loved hitting up record shops in SoHo, diving into CD bins in search of imports and B-sides. 

This laid an ideal foundation for a product enthusiast who is constantly on the hunt for goods that are just as useful on the subway as they are on the trail. By night, Kyle runs the marketing for Cantonment and by day, he's a consultant and biz dev dude, working with leading digital publications and brands. 

Kyle, once again lives just outside of NYC... within a stone's throw of the A.T. with his wife and four kids.

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